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Nora Hakramaj


Movies and TV

Just came across a couple interesting and relevant articles, thought I’d share.
Hope you’re enjoying your summer!
-Prof Miller

The movie industry has over-learned the lesson that sequels perform well at the box office and has tried to sequelize every marginally successful movie. The deeper answer is that, on top of long-term structural declines in movie attendance, Hollywood is losing its grip on young people.
Hollywood Has a Huge Millennial Problem 2016 is on pace to be the worst year for movies—by tickets bought per U.S. adult—since before the 1920s. What’s going on?

Television mesmerizes people and turns them into intellectual spectators. It feeds passivity and makes you less engaged.
How Giving Up TV For A Month Changed My Brain And My Life Watching a couple hours of TV a day can have major effects on your brain. So what would happen if you quit cold turkey?

Bernie supporters in the media

Guys, check out the video that Naydeen, Habib, Charles and Henry worked on for our final project. What do you think!? I’m very impressed with the video and the content.

I’m so proud of the great work you all did! Thanks again to those of you who were able to stay late for all our presentations…

– Prof Miller

A cool event for anyone interested in media

SMC%2716 Official Speakers Brochure

Imagine an event by and for the media leaders of tomorrow, free of cost and full of resources to reinforce their media organizations as well as build connections between them. Student Media Con (SMC’16) provides a unique opportunity to not only support a non profit public university event, but also reach a diverse group of passionate college students destined to be movers and shakers in the media industry

DATE: 5/28/16

TIME: 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

LOCATION: Hunter College, 695 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

ATTENDEES: Approximately 150 college students, faculty, and media professionals from the New York tri­state area

ORGANIZERS: WHCS Radio of Hunter College asterix* media

summer internship

Hi All my friend’s husband Chris Wiedemann has launched a digital marketing agency and is looking for A summer advertising intern, to be on the front lines of media, email marketing, website development and branded content creation. He’s looking for someone who is passionate about the digital space and is proficient with technology. There is possibility for this to turn into a PT/FT job down the road. Fun clients, interesting work and great atmosphere!

Responsibilities Include:
Conduct marketing research and analysis

Assist in website and media reporting
Ad-hoc marketing projects

Desired Skills and Experience Qualifications:
Current undergraduate student enrolled in a 4-year University and pursuing a degree in Marketing, Business, Advertising, Communications or a related field
Desire to learn and grow
Proficient in Excel, Google Analytics & Google AdWords
Knowledge of Powerpoint and social media platforms helpful
Self-motivated and detail-oriented with strong initiative and analytical skills
Structured and strategic thinker

Available to work at least 3 days a week (30 hours max)


Let me know if you’re interested, I’ll put you in touch.

Prof Miller

Victoria Mozatto – Media & Perception of Beauty

Earlier this week, I watched a video about men getting photoshopped to look like men with ‘ideal’ body types. This video was actually very enlightening. It really is insane to think about how impactful the media can be. Our perception of the world can change in a second depending on a telling of the media. Through all of the various media channels we interact with, we get roped into thinking someone with beauty has to appear a particular way. The amount of work that goes into photoshopping one magazine cover is outrageous. Why do we need to appeal to the public by creating a fake image? Wouldn’t it be more appealing to have someone with ‘flaws’ appear on the cover of a magazine? What are your thoughts?

It angers me to see celebrities on the cover of a tabloid because they decided to take a vacation while exposing their cellulite. How ridiculous is that? We should be accepting and allow people to embrace their natural beauty without having to hide. Thankfully, more campaigns advertise their message to challenge what should be identified as being more beautiful/ realistic.

The Try Guys Get Photoshopped With Men’s Ideal Body Types:

Campaigns- Aerie Real, Dove – for Real Beauty, Stop the Beauty Madness

Victoria Mozatto- Hidden Fear Approach

From our discussion/ readings from class, it is clear advertisements work in mysterious ways. The hidden-fear advertising strategy plays on a sense of insecurity and distress, trying to persuade consumers to listen to the advertisement. The only solution to the issue is to buy or share the impression of the product. It targets the worries and concerns that the customers may have, making the product the only solution. The hidden fear marketing approach promotes products that are used to solve personal issues. The advertisement makes it seem without the particular product, you are doomed to be lost.

In the media, I have seen this approach being used on multiple accounts. Most of the time it is used for hygiene related commercials, but smoking prevention commercials use it just as much. Although the seriousness of the commercials are completely different, they both make the audience contemplate their decisions. Whether it is to buy a deodorant and not have the embarrassment of scaring away a person you are trying to impress or put down a cigarette leaving you without the guilt.

Question- Did you ever fall for an advertisement that made you think about your insecurities?

Here is an example of a smoking commercial using the hidden-fear approach: