Victoria Mozatto – Surveillance

The most ironic thing just happened to me. As I was doing some research online about network surveillance, an advertisement popped up. This was no ordinary pop-up. Prior to doing this blog post, I was doing some online shopping for an event I have coming up. How interesting is it, that the exact website I was browsing on appeared as I was aimlessly looking for information on internet surveillance?

As people spend more time online, thousands of firms are able to gather intelligence on our whereabouts. By monitoring the websites we visit, companies can interfere and compile information about us. Targeted advertising has advantages for consumers. These relevant ads are more useful to consumers than unimportant ones, but it is a bit uneasy. Most consumers have no idea how closely they are being watched. With a simple “like” on Facebook, how much information are we truly giving away? Certain websites can carry codes, that allows those companies to track particular users.

We should be aware if we are being tracked or not. Personally, I would like to know what information is being given to these companies that ironically pop on my screen. As quick as I am to exit out of the pop-up, how easy is it for them to know about my search history/ personal information?

If anyone would like to read more about this, here is an interesting article:


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