Victoria Mozatto – Media & Perception of Beauty

Earlier this week, I watched a video about men getting photoshopped to look like men with ‘ideal’ body types. This video was actually very enlightening. It really is insane to think about how impactful the media can be. Our perception of the world can change in a second depending on a telling of the media. Through all of the various media channels we interact with, we get roped into thinking someone with beauty has to appear a particular way. The amount of work that goes into photoshopping one magazine cover is outrageous. Why do we need to appeal to the public by creating a fake image? Wouldn’t it be more appealing to have someone with ‘flaws’ appear on the cover of a magazine? What are your thoughts?

It angers me to see celebrities on the cover of a tabloid because they decided to take a vacation while exposing their cellulite. How ridiculous is that? We should be accepting and allow people to embrace their natural beauty without having to hide. Thankfully, more campaigns advertise their message to challenge what should be identified as being more beautiful/ realistic.

The Try Guys Get Photoshopped With Men’s Ideal Body Types:

Campaigns- Aerie Real, Dove – for Real Beauty, Stop the Beauty Madness


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