Victoria Mozatto- Hidden Fear Approach

From our discussion/ readings from class, it is clear advertisements work in mysterious ways. The hidden-fear advertising strategy plays on a sense of insecurity and distress, trying to persuade consumers to listen to the advertisement. The only solution to the issue is to buy or share the impression of the product. It targets the worries and concerns that the customers may have, making the product the only solution. The hidden fear marketing approach promotes products that are used to solve personal issues. The advertisement makes it seem without the particular product, you are doomed to be lost.

In the media, I have seen this approach being used on multiple accounts. Most of the time it is used for hygiene related commercials, but smoking prevention commercials use it just as much. Although the seriousness of the commercials are completely different, they both make the audience contemplate their decisions. Whether it is to buy a deodorant and not have the embarrassment of scaring away a person you are trying to impress or put down a cigarette leaving you without the guilt.

Question- Did you ever fall for an advertisement that made you think about your insecurities?

Here is an example of a smoking commercial using the hidden-fear approach:


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