Theresa Donis — Blog Post #5

Blog Post #5

The closer we get to primaries, the more concerned I become with who I’m going to vote for. Although I am voting Democratic, Clinton just doesn’t rub me right. I don’t think that many people take enough time to really look into her campaign and all that’s happened. What I recently realized is that she’s working really hard to get in with the African American community, which is no real surprise. It’s said that because Obama could relate so much with the minority communities that he was able to go for two terms—maybe even three if it was allowed. Clinton has participated, in my opinion, in cultural appropriation to gain votes.

Not very long ago she went onto a popular morning radio show, The Breakfast Club, and made a statement that she too like Beyoncé, carries hot sauce in her bag. In fact, her whole campaign team carries it in their bags. For some reason I felt like this was quite a reach on her end. Do you so badly want to be liked by a community you helped to oppress when your husband was in office? I don’t know if I’d be a part of that awfully small welcome committee. During Hillary Clinton’s fundraising event one Wednesday, two Black Loves Matter activists interrupted her to share a very important message with the guests and Clinton. Activist Ashley Williams tried to confront Hillary with a sign that quoted something Hillary had once said in reference to at-risk youth in the 90s “we have to bring them to heel!” She also referred to them as super-predators, which in my opinion should automatically cost her some black votes. When Williams pushed for an apology, she was escorted out by security while Clinton ‘promised’ to talk about it later.

Looking back at things like this makes me genuinely curious if Clinton has good intentions when it comes to helping us minority communities or is she just in it for the votes?

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