Theresa Donis — Blog Post #2

Evolution of Books — Blog Post #2

We have come a very long way from our means of producing books. The printed word used to be a favorite pass time back when there wasn’t television and other media outlets to keep delve in during our leisure time. Books are the equivalent of today’s internet; all the information you needed was at your fingertips in these books. To much of no surprise, as we continue to evolve as beings, we’ve found a way to make things more efficient. While this may sound great that we continue to advance, this also screams danger for the publishing and/or printing companies that have been around for so long. Books went from being physical items that you could purchase from places like Barnes & Nobles, Strand Bookstore, and Borders, but with recent years, these places have been replaced with tablets that could do just the same.

I remember when Borders had finally closed all their doors and Barnes and Nobles was said to be in jeopardy of doing the same, there was heavy outcry from the book lovers that preferred the physical books. This forced places like Barnes and nobles to quickly adapt and create a tablet of their own to get with the times; appealing to all the masses—those who loved books and/or preferred tablets like the kindle. Competition is constantly growing and publishers and stored that carry books are becoming more and more selective with what they put out. Their goal is to put out books they know for sure will sell so they can stay relevant and open.

While it may seem that they overcome on issue, another issue that arises is the making of these popular books into films. A lot of the time, the films get more press than the actual books do, which in turn can cause them not to sell. If the books don’t sell, we continue to have the same problem. Films take out all the work of having to sit and read a book from cover to cover because the modern person doesn’t have that kind of leisure time.

My question to you guys is how do you feel about the steady decline in book sales? Do you think its making us lazy or just helping us adapt to what is more convenient?

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