The Male Gaze – Naydeen Rodriguez Blog #5

In a world of media there are many things that can be touched on but there is one thing that I noticed that I never payed any mind to. It was the male gaze. Love says that women are represented to provide visual please to the men. After reading up on the chapter and researching a bit more I could not help but notice that this argument is true. I feel like we’re so use to being an object to men that we are often objectified. Not only in advertisements but as well as in Music and movies. I never understood why the cologne needed to be between her breast until now. It is to appeal to men. Most of the time I don’t have a problem with it but then apart of me is like “where’s the woman’s eye candy?” I’d like to see something visually appealing while the man is being LOOKED AT rather than LOOKED FROM. I feel like woman are beautiful and that is why we are often used as sex objects. We have the power and beauty to move or grab the attention quicker than if a man was shirtless. It is when women i=are being oppressed that I have an issue with it.

I would like to know as a woman are you okay with being objectified? How often after gaining knowledge about the male gaze have you seen something that supports Mulvey’s argument?

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