Stacey Roberts

Advertisements are used to persuade people to buy goods or services. The textbook media essentials describe persuasive strategies that are used by advertisers. Famous person testimonial is an ad that uses a prominent person in society such as celebrities to promote their product. For example, Beyoncé appeared in covergirl advertisement to boost sales. The Hidden fear appeal is an ad that plays on consumers insecurities. An example of a hidden fear appeal is the advertisements from Colgate or head and shoulders ( anti-andruff shampoo). The product proactive uses the telling stories persuasive technique by having ta person tell his/her story about their problem with acne and after using proactive his/her live was transformed. As a media user I am bombarded daily with advertisements aimed at persuading me to buy their products. However, not all persuasive techniques used works for me. In other cases, I end up buying products that I end up regretting and not using. Now when I look back at those instances, I often wonder what made me buy that product. Advertisements are created to persuade you one way or the other, so as a consumer it is important to be aware of the different techniques used and purchase wisely. These companies are only interested in one thing and that’s making profits. Therefore they will say things that they think you want to hear to persuade you to buy things, even the ones you don’t really need.


Which persuasive technique persuades you more to make purchases?

Being aware of the persuasive techniques used in advertisements are there any lifestyle changes you will make to prevent excessive spending


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