Edith Britton – The History and Evolution of TV

The History and Evolution of TV:

Question: With the advent of Hulu, Netflix, etc – how does this affect the content you watch? What do you watch on T.V?

In class we discussed the History and Evolution of TV. TV has changed so much in the past 10 years, with online streaming sites Hulu and Netflix as we discussed. These new ways of television consumption have changed a lot in our social interactions and how we carve out the time to watch these shows on our own time. I think about this a lot and reading this chapter made me question things myself.

This new advent of technology with how we watch TV has changed how we absorb information and socialize with each other. There’s a divided to how we view things and at the pace in which we consume it. I personally miss expanded conversation about issues because we all absorb information differently/ in different mediums/ from different sources. I like a few shows on Netflix, mainly Daredevil). I like how Netflix has created these shows and written them as mini movies, and not like the original TV shows that have breaks. I think the space between digesting TV shows is important however to social interaction and connection. Binge watching to me, is difficult. I can watch 3-4 episodes and need a week break from the show at least. There’s so much out there that in order to digest the information has changed.

During the spring break I started watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I got to the 6th season and if anyone asked me to fill in certain seasons for him or her, I wouldn’t even know where that season started and how it ended. When binging we loose a lot of our ability to retain information. We just digest and consume that when our brain can’t take a pause and recharge we loose that info.


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