Edith Britton – Advertising


I love advertising. I think its amazing what companies come up with in regard to showing their product to us the consumer. Some commercials are just so beautiful and I look at them as pieces of art comparable to that which you see in a museum. I really do, even the bad parts and the way its messes with are heads, is something I enjoy learning about and understanding especially when it affects me personally.

When I was reading this chapter I was thinking about how much social media has changed the way advertisers not only put ads together, but how they distribute it. When Mr. Jones came in to speak with us I, he mentioned social media and how the “big bosses” care more about what is said on social media than advertisers. It’s interesting to see how social media is controlling every aspect (or will be soon) of not only our lives but of the larger companies that create “media” for us to consume. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing, because of the control regular citizens has in areas of media they didn’t before?

I remember sometime last year amazon was getting ready to promote one of their new shows featured exclusively on Amazon Prime. Amazon has joined the bandwagon with creating shows just like Netflix and Hulu. The show is called Man in the High Castle. The premise of the show is pretty much what the world would be like if we lost World War 2. The advertisers used Nazi coat of arms, and Japanese propaganda; photo shopped American symbols in it and put them on mass transit. Not a smart move to put that in a city were millions take the MTA everyday and has the second largest Jewish population next to Israel, of course people would notice and make the connections as they did. And amazon went on complete recon control to have those images removed. But was that an overreaction from the public? Have we become too sensitive? Or is Nazi propaganda in any form never an OK image to use in advertising?




2 thoughts on “Edith Britton – Advertising

  1. I don’t believe it was an over reaction from the public, Nazis symbols have had a negative connotation for a very long time and those of the Jewish faith take that seriously. They easily take offense as they should. My only thing is that when the Confederate Flag comes into the picture, no one really takes it seriously. When blacks take immediate offense they are told that they shouldn’t be offend it’s not racist. So if that’s not racist……. Then what exactly is the definition of racism. Seems like Amazon needs to know.


  2. This is too much! This should never be okay. We have become sensitive but I don’t see that as a negative thing. It shows that society is becoming compassionate, and against images or message the may promote or boast unjust treatment of others. It might have had a different feel if it was just displayed a s a single poster but to plaster the inside of a subway car that becomes extremely packed during certain times, can be viewed as a loose reference to concentration camps and gas chambers. The comparison is extreme but you don’t know what could be a trigger and this was done in poor taste. I would’ve been afraid to enter this train to be completely honest. That would be one uncomfortable ride, and because NY is diverse with different backgrounds, opinions, worldviews, this could have been problematic and the fuel to anti-Semitic’s fire.


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