Call Me Lucky – Jennifer Collado

In “Call Me Lucky, ” we watch as the life of comedian Barry Crimmins unravels. In the beginning of the film, he is commended by his collegues for being a forward man who is unconcerned if others agree with his views. As the story progresses, we discover that there is a secret aspect of his life that he is fighting vigorously for. He is the survivor childhood sexual abuse. In a time where the internet was becoming popular, he discovered that sexual predators were communicating online. Completely disturbed by the language and actions seen online, he pushed forward for action to be taken. In 1995, he testified against AOL by stating that the rapid growth of the Internet and lack of restrictions had aided in creating a space where child pornography could be freely shared. While watching this film, I was completely shocked at the fact that AOL believed that those who shared or took part in child pornography got three strikes before having action taken against them. In a way it showed how the quick expansion and uses of the internet took many by surprise. In a time where technology continues to expand, are there any issues like this that is currently occuring on the internet?


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