Blog Post #2 Naydeen Rodriguez

A recent interview Kanye West with Ellen has become a trending topic. I feel like Kanye West is a great example of how the media can manipulate how others see you. First, Kanye West made it as a MEME when he snatched Taylor Swift’s mic a while back at the MYV awards. He ws then seen as arrogant and disrespectful. He became the butt of all jokes. He lost some credibility from his fans and people began to insult his artistry. Secondly, He did an interview with sway where Sway tried to spin Kanye during the interview process and He wasn’t having it. Another situation where he was seen as arrogant. I’ve always been a kanye West fan and felt there was something more to what was being shown. I feel that passionate people are always crucified before they are praised. Well, this time around his rambling has been covered in a more positive light. In this 8 minute clip all I could do was shake my head yes in agreement.

I don’t understand why the media would manipulate what was being covered about Kanye but I am sure it had something to do with music, money and politics. Watch the clip as Kanye West drops some Gems.

Let me know what you think!

What steps do you think someone should take when critique media that is being put out on the internet? What were your initial thoughts on Kanye?
What are you thoughts now that you’ve seen the clip?
Do you agree that media is heavily manipulated? Do you think that being outspoken should be filtered on social media.


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