Adrienne Johnson Blog Post- HyperReality

Its funny that I constantly hear the word or some form of the word hyper reality and never recognized that I understood its meaning and I actually play a game that encompasses simulation and hyper-reality. I am a Sim Addict. I have all The Sims games (Sims 2 being my favorite) and I play faithfully whenever I have free time, or create free time. It is my escape, but I’m recently discovering that. Whenever I feel like I need to clear my mind or de-stress, I play. Which is pretty ironic that when I play the sims, I mirror their image after me and my family members, but when I don’t create exact images, I make the sims into my future self and design their aspirations to match mine or ones that I believe would help them to achieve the "SIMerican Dream". In these virtual reality, simulated games I achieve all things I know that are not necessarily an reality. After hours of playing my true self becomes lost and I enter that world just for a little bit. But I often wonder if our society is just a giant Simulated Universe. Our actions and behaviors are dependent on interactions and prior behaviors of others, and past experiences shape the decisions we make today. When I walk into a room and forget something, did someone else just cancel my action? Its far fetched but if you think long and hard enough, you begin to feel a little wierded out because how do we actually distinguish what is real. With technological advancements and the need to create games in its truest and more realistic, do you think that creators will begin to produce simulation or virtual reality that goes beyond gaming and entertainment to become more a part of daily life and activities?


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