Adrienne Johnson- Ad Campaigns/Product Placement

The class discussions and readings that focused on advertising were quite interesting because we are exposed to advertising everyday, through logos, commercials, print materials, everywhere. When thinking about product placement I thought about a Coke ad campaign I had seen a year ago. I’m not typically a Coca-Cola drinker, or buyer of the product but I must say this had me rethink purchasing. I guess their emotional appeal of persuasive advertising actually worked. The short film explores the friendship of two teen boys and the moment a secret is revealed, one of the boys discovers a text on his friends phone that reveals that his friend is gay. The message of this social ad campaign was to provide hope to LGBTQ youth and adults and to encourage the world to consider embracing diversity. For a big company like Coca-Cola to market this ad was commendable considering this was a global campaign and their are countries that support the brand but have strict laws and bans concerning LGBTQ people and their rights. I also admired that the product was placed in a way that did not take away focus of the message. In fact, it was perfect placement, it was authentic, true to the story being told. Although I already live my life openly, for a brief moment I felt a sense of relief for those who can not and don’t know if they have people around them that will support and accept them. This was a step in the right direction even though at the end it did perpetuate the stereotype that gay guys know all the pretty girls and that would be the advantage to having a gay friend, I still enjoyed the ad. Do you think that more ads should incorporate a social message or meaning or do you begin to question the motives of the company who markets their product around a controversial subject?


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