Joe Jonas’ released a new video from his band “DNCE” entitled, “Toothbrush”. The video co-starred plus-size model Ashley Graham as Joe Jonas’ love interest. This passionate and happy video left some viewers with negative comments. Disliker’s commented about how “small” Jonas was compared to the 5′ 9” foot model, and those on the opposite side are fuming at the constant scrutiny, regarding the hateful comments left from every plus-sized models appearance in this age of “acceptance”. The “perfect woman” has always been one initial ideal from each culture, but new models such as Ashley Graham have changed the way that this ever-fading ideal, is seen. Plus-size models entering the media’s world has been the most advanced step ever made, especially in a constantly unaccepting “in-crowd” known as fashion. Others are accepting that in the real world, there are many girls out there that do not look like the models we all believe are the idea of the “perfect woman”. In many years to come it will be inevitable that this imaginary concept will change into real concept brought by real women sizes, and to others still in shock and unaccepting, they are missing out.



  1. I recently watched this video and read a lot of articles on the praise/backlash as well. I think that because people are so used to the “beauty norm” as a size 2 victoria’s secret model that it’s going to take a while for people to be okay with this. Either way, there will always be negative comments, (even victoria’s secret models face body shaming on social media), so as long as we focus on the positive, the haters won’t get the attention they don’t deserve!


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