Marisa Chiarello Blog Post #3

When I read all over the news about Obama’s insults about Donald Trump at the White House Correspondent’s dinner, I of course had to go watch it for myself. I was pretty surprised after watching that Obama said so much! I personally love Obama and hate Donald Trump, but I saw that a lot of people were questioning the appropriateness of the speech. Even people who dislike Trump were saying that it wasn’t the appropriate time or place to be discussing it. I think it was fine, it’s his last WHCD as POTUS and to be honest, I think Trump is the equivalent of the devil. Do you think this was an inappropriate time to express his feelings towards Trump as the next President, or do you think it was okay?


One thought on “Marisa Chiarello Blog Post #3

  1. I personally enjoyed seeing a more relaxed side of President Obama. After giving this country 8 long years of what I believe to be a very effective and great presidency, its time he let his hair down and let a little off his chest. Naturally because of his current status as President, many would see it as inappropriate, but what about all the times he’s gracefully held his tongue against all the criticism in his last term? Trump and many others have repeatedly come for him—the blows coming from every unforgiving angle, but yet he’s in the wrong for making one lighthearted joke. I feel that it was honestly funny and perfectly fine in that moment. We’ve seen people like Trump say some of the most ridiculous statements every time he’s been in the face of the public, so people should get off their high horses and not be so harsh on a president that’s worked day and night to better our country.


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