Marisa Chiarello Blog Post #1

Recently, I read an article about how Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas canceled the North Carolina leg of their tour because of a new law passed that forces transgender people to use the bathroom of the sex assigned to them when they were born. Personally, I don’t understand how this law was even passed and it grosses me out to know that there are people out there who agreed to this. I also read another article about some backlash Beyonce received after she still held her scheduled tour concert in N.C. after the law was passed. Many people were angry with her because they believed that someone with such a strong voice in America should take a stand and make a statement. My question is what do you think about the law being passed and do you think that all singers/bands should cancel their shows in states where things like this happen because it’s their duty as role models with heavy influence over their fans? Or do you think it shouldn’t matter what happens within the state government and these artists should keep their political beliefs separate from their shows?


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