Post #5 Team Trump?
First, I would like to say that Donald Trump is going way to over board with his comments on race and who should be allowed in the country or not. I do not think it is fair that he is allowed to say these things without considering anyone’s feelings. I feel like he should take this campaign a little more seriously if he is trying to become president. Why are you bashing other races and bringing people down if you made your mind to run a country that is filled with millions of people of all races. It just does not make any sense to me. Hilary Clinton stated that she does not think he is qualified for presidency. This was a very strong statement that was made this week, and I just think there needs to be change. I feel like this election is being taken as a joke in some ways and it should not be that way.
We need people who actually care about our country and everyone in it to become president. It’s actually very scary to see these actions and sayings unfold. Politics is not something that should be played with no matter who or what you are. To say that muslims should not enter the United States or talk about other races are ridiculous. We are all human. Maybe if this mindset was turned into a positive one, then we could actually get somewhere which will help our country prosper and somewhat normal.

Question: What do you think of Hilary Clinton’s statement?


One thought on “KENYA WILLIAMS POST #5

  1. Comment #2

    Something that I’ve learned to keep in mind as Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican party in the race to the primaries is that most of this is for show. I don’t believe that he expected this great of a response from the audience and now he’s just running with it, and growing progressively worse. A common misconception (and what I have come to theorize) is that, people support him, not so much because they agree with all that he’s saying, but because he’s “brave enough” to say the things that most presidential candidates wouldn’t dare say.
    I completely agree with Clinton; Trump isn’t someone who I would be able to run the country. Run it into the ground? Yes, of course. But to help it grow as a nation, I would have to disagree. He is rash and quite brazen with his comments and that doesn’t necessarily make for a good President. What I find to be really scary about trump in this race is that, at the end of the day, he’s being serious. I know people think he’s clowning around, but Trump has made himself out to be as ruthless as his crude comments. We need to start taking his comments and personality for face value and stop assuming he’s just messing around. On the off chance that this man does win primaries, we’re in for a world of trouble.


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