Post #4 The Power of Advertising
The Power of Advertising creates so much growth in product selling. Appealing ads are what catches the eye of any audience. The commercial that stood out to me while focusing on ads and why they are important to have was the Ikea “Lamp” commercial. The commercial was a form of expression as well as telling a story to get people to buy a product. The end of the commercial was probably the best part. The guy made a point of wasting time with something old when you can replace it with something new. A lot of people may not agree with this, but this was Ikea’s way of “selling their product”. They did it in a way that not only tells a story, but it catches the eye of many. In chapter eleven of Media Essentials, telling stories in advertising results in the purchasing of a product being shown.
Advertising is a very interesting concept and it has become a very successful essential within American culture and in our society. I always wondered when advertising became so popular and why this it is one of the best ways to get products sold. This lamp commercial hit every point of what it means to advertise a product- from the expression to the overall moral of the commercial. I am a huge fan of advertising because it is a great way to see or hear about new things and understand why they are the best selling product no matter the quality. It is just really great to see how they capture a story to sell their products.

Question: What will be the next best thing for product selling?



One thought on “KENYA WILLIAMS POST #4

  1. I remember this commercial! It really was like telling a story. I’ve noticed that when you really engage people in a commercial they are much more likely to buy what the ad is trying to sell. Ikea did a great job with this and it’s funny because reading about this type of advertising in the textbook and then actually seeing it was great. This ad was genius.


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