As I was going through some articles on the election this year, I came across this one particular article. This article talks about Trump and the expressive feelings certain people have of him. As I continued to read the article, one phrase caught my attention. It makes me wonder if they are brainwashed or simply okay with the fact that they are okay with how Trump treats women. My interpretation of the line I read is that the young girl is okay with Trump being belittling to women and hostile, as long as he is honest.


Honesty, or not, why would you want someone to belittle you? I had so many questions running through my mind when I read the article. I had to read that line over and over again just to see if it would change, but unfortunately it didn’t. This article is the total opposite of what it means to be equal. This one girl is why certain things have not changed. Iff we want change, we all need to be on the same page. The MOST disturbing part of this entire article is the fact that in a poll of Trump’s expression toward woman, men agreed. I was so disappointed when I read this article and it makes me wonder if people care about anything. This is such an important topic to think of and I feel like it is taken as a joke. The result of the pole reminds me of the male gaze and how certain things are portrayed through a masculine viewer. This article ties perfectly to the active and passive term. This woman has accepted the treatment we have been trying to get rid for years. This article was definitely mind blowing. Just because someone is blunt and honest, does not give them the right to break rules that are already broken.

Question: How do you feel about this? Do you agree with the individual that is okay with being called out on her gender by a potential elected president?



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