Post #2 “F-Bombs for Feminism”

As we talked about Feminism in Chapter 8 of Ott and Mack, this particular video stood out to me. The little girls in the “F-Bombs for Feminism” video were very clear about how woman are treated. They are using the “f” word to make a point. There was a statement that was made in class about the political project that looks at the diverse ways that men and women are oppressed and empowered. It’s pretty different if you really think about it. Sexism is still an ongoing problem in our society today.

The young girls also express how powerful women are, but with the issue of calling women weak, passive, emotional, and irrational, women get “knocked down”. This also relates to the film “Miss Representation”, because of sexuality, stereotypes and categories, and of course the underrepresentation of women. Women should not be treated differently because of their looks and how they carry themselves. Instead of bringing someone down and belittling them, why don’t we try to life people up no matter the gender, race, or class some may have.
I have seen so many people complain about this particular problem, and being a women i don’t think it is fair. If the tables were turned, how would you feel? It wouldn’t be a great feeling now would it? This issue has become such a huge and continuous problem that there is no surprise that these young girls are fed up and using the “f” word multiple times. I don’t agree with young children cursing, but they are making a point. It is sad to see this generation going this far to make a point in a situation that should not even exist. Everyone deserves equal rights. It does not make sense to me that people think otherwise.

Question: When will we understand the importance of equal rights?



One thought on “KENYA WILLIAMS POST #2

  1. I believe it’s going to take time before we all have equal rights because right now we live in a time where men have the majority of the power, but you can see things changing slowly and including women. I feel in order for things to change we need to stop thinking about gender as to separate things and think about society a the unit, which would allow us to think about what is best rather than what does this group needs/wants because we are constantly oppressing a gender.


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