Hypperreality video

I just came across this weird, somewhat disorienting video.

HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

What do you think of it? Is this the direction we’re heading in?


3 thoughts on “Hypperreality video

  1. This is super trippy! Whoa it was very hard to get through honestly. I hope we are not headed in this direction because everything is just tooooooo much. I don’t mind 3D but on an everyday scale thats way too much for me to deal with. I get where its going but its just to a point where it doesn’t feel natural anymore. Its not organic. If we thought Bauldriallard was on the wrong track, man are we corrected with this video. Everything is so surreal. Now it makes you feel as though nothing is real. We are living in a false reality, but who really wants to deal with something like that? No one. Its bad enough most of our ideals, morals and thoughts have been fed to us through mass media or something that we’ve picked up along the way. Now to add yet another facet to this non-reality, this is way too much.


  2. This video was somewhat disorienting, but I think because I play The Sims game, It was a little easier to get through since it seems to be modeled after the game and others like it. What I find interesting is that this video would be considered distracting and overwhelming with all the different images placed on the screen at one time, yet this is our reality. We are constantly taking in these same sorts of images in a matter of seconds, we are involved with technologies on the go, phones that connect us to thousands of apps. Certain behaviors, actions, choices will bring about different responses or consequences and with one wrong move you can lose everything. This was an eye opener. Our society is over saturated with images, messages, symbols and meanings that are waiting to be processed. Its like the hypodermic needle theory, we are definitely helpless when it comes to resisting media messages. What also alarmed me about this video was when the customer service agents could view her, what she was wearing and had access to all her information. We are on this path, a few more years and we will be the exact way this video is set up. It honestly made me think of the MAYDAY feature on the kindle fire. My spouse has one and something wasn’t working correctly and we pushed the mayday button thinking we would be directed to a FAQs page but to our surprise a real person popped up on the screen. He assured us that we can see him but he can’t see us (how can we know the truth) and then he began to work on the device. we saw him closing out our tabs, typing in codes, and circle important data for us to read. It was neat at first, but then it became a little creepy. What if I were one of those people who had a few choice items on my device, there is no such thing as privacy in this present day. All information is accessible and open to the public, well that’s how it appears. When did I agree to have this feature active?It must have been in that user agreement that no one ever reads. Do you think we will ever start reading these user agreements? and do you think a restructuring of these long, overwhelming agreements need to be produced in order to keep the consumers informed and aware of what they are signing up for?


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