Hyper-Reality Video Commentary – Marissa Pearlstein

One of our classmates posted an interesting video called Hyper-Reality. The video is extremely interesting and shows who we are becoming as a society. We base our every day encounters on our social, virtual worlds. We shop online, we interact online, we do bank transactions online, we watch videos and movies all online. The video Hyper-Reality shows the life of a woman from her eyes in the life she lives. The entire thing looks like a video game she has the ability to keep restarting her life and erase her old identity and gain a new one. Everything she has done becomes erased and she moves on from there. She is able to pull up her grocery store list and do so much more from this virtual world she has created. When she calls for help because her system begins to glitch they need to restart her device and she seems aggravated that they have to do that and once the system shuts down everything becomes dull. All the bright colors and the noises go away and everything goes back to a normal supermarket, back to a regular reality.


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