Habib Khan : On Baudrillard blog post

I’ve read some Baudrillard and while interesting, his writing is difficult to grasp sometimes because he introduces concepts that are new to me. In Simulacra and Simulation, he opens up with a passage from Ecclesiastes: “The simulacrum is never what hides the truth—it is the truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true.” Many who read this would not question its veracity. They’ll take it as truth, but those that don’t just consume what’s been fed to them will realize that Baudrillard made this quote up. He has made a powerful statement from the beginning and only those that look beyond the surface will realize it. There have been studies done that have shown that between 60-80% of people don’t read past the headlines. Not a very encouraging number. MSM has capitalized on this by coming up with sensational headlines. A recent example, that the professor mentioned, was the 16 negative Bernie Sanders headline in 16 hours. Most voters are low-information and when the media publishes mostly negative headlines and articles on a particular candidate, I believe they are pushing a certain agenda. Taking this information, do you believe that MSM is attempting to steer viewers in a particular direction and do you subscribe to the hypodermic needle theory?


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