Habib Khan: Final Project Thoughts

This is to piggyback on what one of my group-mates, Charles, just posted. As the professor has mentioned, this is a social science class. Our group wanted to become scientists and collect data from students around campus. Before we even started shooting we were aware that we needed a good camera so that the video quality is presentable. Then we wanted to take advantage of the locations around campus to make the project visually appealing. Everything was being framed. The students we found are obviously aware that they are being filmed so they are now attempting to act natural. Reality is already being distorted. When we watch any media, we’re only viewing something that has been edited and contains bits of information in the order that the producers wants us to view it in. Even when we watch a documentary it is through the perspective that the filmmaker wants you to see it. Any film, tv show, article, news segment, etc. that we read or watch has been edited. Editing is manipulation. Baudrillard mentions the Persian Gulf War. Was it really a war? It was against a guy that the US was originally allied with and there was never any doubt about the outcome of it. The only parts we witnessed were clips that were sanitized. We never saw the incinerated bodies or the suffering of the Iraqis. The same can be said for Afghanistan and other countries the US is bombing. Then when the native population attack american soldiers it is presented, on the news, as the complete fault of the natives and why are they doing such things. Hello! You are in their home and the soldiers are bloody invaders! With all this said, do you think we are educating ourselves when we watch CNN or FOX? What do we gain from watching mainstream media?


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