Habib Khan: Black woman gets killed and white man gets headlines

SF Police Chief Greg Suhr Resigns Amid Heightened Racial Tensions


San Francisco’s Police Chief Resigns Amid Racial Issues


Mayor Lee announces resignation of Chief Suhr


These are some of the latest headlines regarding this recent issue. Since most people just read the headlines they’ll come away from this thinking there were some racial issue and this police chief resigned. A black woman being shot and killed is described as a racial issue. A black woman is dead and she doesn’t even make it into the headline. Why is this not surprising anymore?


This is video from December of last year. Mario Woods was shot and killed in SF by a group of police officers. Police Chief Greg Suhr has been investigating this for 5 months. Any sane person knows that he was not a threat to anyone and could have been peacefully disarmed. This incident was caught on camera, which is why it is under an investigation that will lead nowhere. If there wasn’t a camera present, then this would have surely been swept under the rug. Can you imagine how many more “racial issues” have occurred and are occurring which we don’t know about because a camera didn’t capture it? Do incidents like the one in the video above anger people? What are we doing about it?


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