Final Project Thoughts Blog Post — Charles Macias

As my group and I focus on preparing for our final project presentation, I find it interesting looking back on the approach we took and connecting it to the actuality of real life media. We decided that a better medium to present the issue of “Bernie Sanders Supporters” would be through a video that collects the interviews of various students on campus and present questions that seek to examine the analytical frameworks of our group members. As we went around campus asking people for their opinions there was a “funny” feeling embodying "documentarians" and collecting all this research. When the camera is fixated on you, you can’t help but present yourself in a certain way (especially knowing that people will later see it). It makes me wonder about the techniques of news outlets and how on scene correspondents or anchors must feel. Better yet, questioning how they present themselves differently for the viewer. In addition, I found it interesting how we took the time to design our shots carefully so that they were “aesthetically pleasing”. We cared just as much about the look of our video as we did the information we got. I’m sure this is also a practice that news officials strive for. Grab the attention of the audience with more than just what’s said! It’s primarily why I continue to believe that video/film is one of the most captivating and provocative mediums to express information. Does any one else have similar thoughts? What does worrying about aesthetics do to the news? I don’t wish to give anything away about the project, but I look forward to presenting how we handled the situation and hope the class can take note on the same observation I made as well.


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