blog post: Samantha Axelrod

As I am sitting here and thinking about class and interesting topics/ discussions, one thought has come to mind that we touched upon in class very briefly that I think is very interesting and worth thinking about once more. As a college student one essential material is to purchase required textbooks. Students struggle every semester trying to get their money together so that they can buy there textbooks and with todays society there are different options on ways to obtain your texts. One option is to purchase e-copies for your tablet or computer. I find this option to be very interesting because first off you save some money and second it makes carrying your materials to class 100 times easier. I have personally never purchased an e-book before because I am nervous that I will not get the full effect of actually having a hard copy in front of be to turn the pages and physically touch the book. I wanted to know what my classmates and peers opinions and views are towards hard copies of textbooks versus e-books and if they believe that they have the same effect on a student when it comes to learning and observing class materials. I found this option of e-books to relate to class and the technological advances of media. This is also a representations of convergence showing how a book and a tablet or computer have become one in displaying the same information but virtually instead of physically. Do book companies and textbook companies loose money, profit from this, or do they stay the same with business when it comes to students purchasing e-books versus hard copy textbooks? What makes a student choose an e-book over a hard copy textbook if for instance they are both the same price? Which would you go with?


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