blog post: Samantha Axelrod

When reflecting back throughout the semester I have been thinking about all of the topics we discussed in class and how relevant they are to real life. It is interesting to me to see how topics like ads and internet safety are so unnoticed in every day life but have such a huge impact. When thinking about advertisements we are completely surrounded by them all day every day of our lives but we never stop to think about them and why they are placed where they are or why they are designed the way that they are. I was on my way home from school yesterday and I was at a red light. I looked around and saw the bus stop and there was a huge ad for the Nike store. An ad like that stoop out specifically to me because I have been working for Nike for the past five years and I know a fair amount of people who helped to open the new Nike outlet on Norstrand Ave. Now this ad stoop out to me but I was thinking, did it stand out to a casual individual? My thoughts on this are that it must stand out to a lot of individuals because Nike is the top leading sports brand nation wide so when people see this ad they know exactly what is being advertised. Another thought that came to my mind was the fact that I live in Long Island and I have never once seen a Nike ad like that in my neighborhood. I found it interesting that they would place this ad in a bus waiting area. The method behind this is definitely something of tactic but I am not really sure what that is. I have seen ads in long island at bus stops but I have not once seen a Nike ad. Maybe this has to do with the fact that the Nike store on Nostrand Ave. is a new store so they wanted to get its name and location out? This all goes back to the fact that corporations always have a motive and target behind each ad that they create.I found it interesting to learn about the different targeting methods that companies use to persuade their brand upon individuals. I think one of the most effective methods is targeting teens and children because they are so easily persuasive. They are the individuals that persuade their parents into spending thousands of dollars each year on products that they want/ need. All of this is an important method that business use in order to be on top.

What do you think is the best persuasive method that companies use in targeting their audience?

Have you noticed any interesting ads while going about your normal day? Did you wonder why that specific ad was placed in that specific place?


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