blog post: Samantha Axelrod

After reading the chapter on security and appropriateness on the internet I thought I would like to go over some of the main points that I found to be most interesting. The beginning of this section started off by talking about how traditional older forms of media such as TV, radio, books, and movies, it was not crucial for us to provide private information but as the internet developed and became more advanced it became a different story. When signing up for emails, commenting on a blog (haha ironic), shopping online, etc. we do not even realize that we are leaking private information. With this being done it raises concern of security and personal safety which makes up wonder about the appropriateness of the internet. The section talks about how the government has surveillance on every action that anybody takes online and they have access to all over our private information without us even being aware. In the US there is a USA PATRIOT act that came into effect a month after 9/11 which is made to prevent terrorists organizations and potential terrorists attacks. This allows for the government to intercept individuals online communications including e-mails and browsing history. I found this to be very invading especially when we think we are at home in our own privacy but the government is watching every step that we take. This makes me wonder that if they are able to access this information, it must be possible for anybody to access this especially somebody who could be a potential threat to my safety. With that being said, this leads to online fraud where hackers can break into my credit card accounts and use my card for their personal use. Another issue that this section brings up is the online predators that are a threat to children. The internet is meant to be a helpful tool but now people are using it negatively and causing harm.

While reading this section I came up with two questions:

1) Do you believe it is possible to fully prevent any of these issues from happening, or has the internet and its technology advanced too far?
2) With the internet and all of its negative factors, do you believe traditional forms of media are more beneficial?

Tell me what you think!

I believe that technology and the internet has advanced too far for any of these issues to stop from happening, intact I believe that in the future with even more advanced technology, this problem might only get worse.

With all of the negative factors of the internet, I do believe it is still more beneficial than traditional forms of media because although there are all of there risks, on a personal level I have not had anything that detrimental happen to me yet.


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