Anastasiya Kononenko- Google Post #5

Reading a post that Stephany made a few days ago about Google reminded me of a recent conversation that I had with my friend. He is a big technology fan, likes to stay updated in tech industry news and shared with me new innovations that Google recently came up with. While everything that he said sounded fascinating, the fact that your phone will now be able to have a conversation with you and not just answer “where is Starbucks?” questions made me scared. While technology can be great, fun and highly beneficial, as it develops more and more new privacy and ethical questions are being raised.
I remember how my professor showed us video in class about Google director Regina E Dugan talking about electronic tattoos and ingestible ships that are already FDA approved (sending you a link to watch). The point of such technology is to replace your ID card and…whatever Google decides to do with your information. At first their target market would be teens (because all teens want a tattoo to be “cool”) and adults later with a possibility to make it MANDATORY for everyone by 2017 (fuh, as we can see this is not happening yet). According to Google, the person who will be using such products will do it just for “fun”, while we can assume that Google will have much more information about us that we want to provide to them.
While enjoying all the innovations from companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft, we should stay conscious of what kind of info we are providing to them and how this info can be used. While might sounding paranoid, but I don’t use gmail and if I have to ( for google drive, doc,etc), I will not do search while I am logged in. In this way my browsing history will not be attached to my name. I think my friend is being naive thinking that Google or Apple do not build our profiles based on our browsing history, email accounts, social media pages and bank statements and that this info is not being send further.

What do you think is Google’s real goal by creating such technology? Would you get one of those tattoos or take a chip? Do you think it is “cool” to stay upgraded or you are concerned about your privacy like I do?

Google director Regina E Dugan pushing RFID microchips


Google director Regina E Dugan pushing RFID microchips

Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Duncan, ha…


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