Adrienne Johnson- Blog Post (Medium Cool)

Hot & Cool Media/Mediums???..I’m still figuring it out, but with last week’s class discussion in mind I sat in front of my television, laptop and phone screen to try and make some sense of what it truly means. McLuhan’s description and attempt to explain the meanings only confused me more, but for some reason the concepts were intriguing, where I wanted to actually understand. So ironically my phone rings, and I begin having a conversation, it is not until I start losing reception and struggle to hear the person on the other end that I begin to put more focus and participation in receiving the message trying to be delivered. I would say this is a cool medium. Which brings me to the movie "Medium Cool", this film by Haskell Wexler was pretty decent, I rather enjoyed it despite my preconceived notion of what the movie would be. I noticed that this film requires high participation. The scenes are set up in a way that require you to use past experiences and knowledge from other movie plots or story lines to fill in blanks and interpret messages and meanings. To McLuhan film was regarded as a hot medium but this film shows that these mediums can change over time. The focus shifts from was seems like fictional characters merged with real life events, it shows because the events do not necessarily fit with the character’s story but I realized, well I make a guess or assumption that its a way to show how society works. Oftentimes things do not fit or make sense, but an event or action can affect the way in which a human being interacts and becomes a part of the story, making connections. That might have been a reach but that is how I interpreted the film. I didn’t give much detail because I suggest all of you watch it. The question that arose from this was, have you noticed a shift in mediums from hot and cool and what context was it in when you noticed the shift? Also besides film, television, and the internet what other hot and cool mediums have you recognized? Do you understand the concepts of hot and cool?


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