Myosha Smith Reality Vs. Virtual Reality

As I take the Bauldrillardian standpoint for my project I came across this article on reality vs. virtual reality. The title immediately interested me because the concept nothing being real but we are all apart of reality is interesting. We as humans romanticize everything that we see on television and the magazines. The article talks about actors breaking the fourth wall and how we react on the other side of the screen. We become excited as we witness the wall between the fiction and reality. This also brings up the concept of advertisement. We commit more to things that we can relate to. I wonder is this an innate trait? or is it something that we’ve conjured up in our minds or like Bauldrillard stated noting in fact is truly real. These ideologies that we’ve constructed could be false and based off of something that we’ve seen. Its pretty sad to think like that though. We don’t really have a sense of self and things we want. This is something that has been fed through us via mass media. I don’t know what do you guys think?


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