Jacqueline Orellana- Blog Post 5 “We Are Bold” Mr Robot


Watching this video from the show Mr Robot made me think about politics today. We are in a loop trying to figure out which presidential candidate is NOT the worst one to choose or vote for. Many people did not even bother voting since there is no real person that could actually fit into everyones mentally fixed criteria. People spoke out about wishing President Obama could run another 2 or 4 years, but thats out of the question. According to our government we can’t do anything but vote for the least Worst president. In this video it talks about actually having power over the government. In actually doing something for ourselves instead of listening to the people that have authority to do so. But then again if we were all to agree not to vote for any presidential candidate there are some that believe in order and would vote no matter who is elected. Even though there is probably that 1% of people who might have all the money and authority to run the world, there are more diverse, middle class, poor, ethnic groups who are greater in numbers. But to prevent chaos or another war to occur we, some people, believe in having a set of rules and therefore having a government to persist order in society. Some Theorist believed without any power or ruling there would be destruction.

Questions: Has anyone watched this show? If so, Is there any other realistic views on our government that could predict what would happen if there was no laws or set of order?


One thought on “Jacqueline Orellana- Blog Post 5 “We Are Bold” Mr Robot

  1. I’ve watched this show, and it is great. Can’t wait for the second season! I think the problem is that we currently have a form of government that doesn’t work for the people. It only works for the rich and powerful. So there must be change. Bernie Sanders is the only politician that is running for president that is honest and has integrity. He is not bought. So the options are: Sanders, who puts the interest of the people first.
    Hillary, who is bought by corporations and puts their interest first and keep the status quo
    Trump, who we have no idea what he’ll do if he becomes president.


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