Jacqueline Orellana- Blog Post 4 Did Edward Snowden DO something wrong?

Many people believe that certain things should be kept away from the public that could bring chaos and violence. Edward Snowden believed we, The People, are entitled to knowing the truth and the whole truth no matter what. While I watched the documentary, Citizenfour, I asked myself if i believed that he actually committed a crime, by revealing the governments secrets. He did not act in anyway like a violent or criminal person. In my opinion he should not be held in prison for stating the truth even if its not what people want to hear. He did not hide or murder anyone. He hid only to be able to explain his story and what he found out to the media so they could release the full truth. On his request and his decision he let the public know who exactly leaked the information, there was no secrecy or actual struggle to his arrest.

My questions are: Do you believe Snowden deserves to be in jail or therefore in prison for what he has done? Is it fair? and Is there anyway of knowing how much truth the public should know about what our government has done or is doing?


One thought on “Jacqueline Orellana- Blog Post 4 Did Edward Snowden DO something wrong?

  1. Snowden doesn’t deserve to be put on trial or put in jail. He did something good for the people and it is the people who should get to decide what they should or shouldn’t know.


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