blog post : samantha Axelrod

Thinking back to class and the discussions that we have had especially relating to our last writing assignment I was thinking about ads and how they are advertised into the media. It is very interesting how companies know just what they are doing in order to target their audience so that they have a huge increase in buyers. People do not realize how companies and business design ads very specifically and that every little detail has a reason, meaning, and purpose. When thinking about this I was relating the campaign ads to this topic and thinking about how our candidates for the presidential election are doing this very same method in order to gain votes so that they can become president. It is interesting that presidential candidates are using the same tactics as major corporations like McDonalds, Taco bell, Nike, etc. to create ad campaigns. I was looking at this specific campaign ad that is for Donald Trump and I was observing it. It is so simple but has the message “Make America Great Again”. Reading that I had some random thoughts like:

What makes America not great in today’s world?
Who decides/ defines that America is not great right now?
How in the world is Trump going to make America “great”?
Why is Donald Trump running for president anyway?!?!

All in all my main point of interest was the fact that Donald Trump has created this campaign ad for a specific reason, which is obviously, to become president, but what specifically has he designed about this ad to make people want to vote for him? I believe that the huge picture of him smiling with his thumbs up sends the message that he is a friendly caring person that has everything under control.

What are your thoughts on this ad? What details do you believe were made in order for Trump to gain votes?

Here is the link to the ad if you would like to see it:


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