blog post: Samantha Axelrod

When thinking back to class discussions that we have had throughout the semester an idea that pops into my head is media and its technological advances. This has me thinking about the past and the present and what is left for the future when thinking about methods of news. In the past word of mouth was one major way that news was communicated throughout society. Eventually news papers were created and then telegraphs and the radio. After this the television became in existence and people were watching the news on the TV. My thoughts with this are was news more reliable then or now with the advancements of technology? My thoughts on this are that because in today’s society the news is more of a business our news may not be as beneficial as it was in the past. In the past the news could have also been altered so easily like the game telephone so was it really that much more reliable? In today’s news, broadcasters and different channels are in competition with one another for the most views, there for each channel presents different news based on what kind of followers that they want to receive. I find this also interesting because it relates back to the ads topic and how companies target their audience in order to have the most buyers. This topic also reminds me of convergence and how all aspects of the media are converging together. We can get the news whether it be an audio, a video, or an article all from the same source like a laptop or a tablet. Here we can see the joining of the news paper and the internet and technology by being able to read a news article on your own tablet. This also makes it possible for viewers around the world to be reading the same thing and all on the same page.


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