The internet

On my reading about the Internet, I knew that technology was destined to be on the up and up. With the starting of Web 1.0 in the late 90’s early 2000’s, the internet was only met to send emails (one to one communication) or search the web (one to many communication). During Web 1.0 you could only access the Internet from remote locations such as work or home. With the introduction of the World Wide Web by its creator Tim Berns- Lee a scientist from Switzerland, changed the dynamic of the internet drastically. Although the Berns only created the World Wide Web to help scientists send codes and data, this opened up a whole new way to communicate via the Internet. The new way to share data is through hyperlinks or as we know them HTML. With the development of hyperlinks it allowed for other interfaces such as Windows and Mac access to these code. With Netscape, a music downloading interface, being added to the World Wide Web only added yet another facet to the development of the internet.
The introduction of Web 2.0 only allowed the convergence of media to further itself. The introduction of YouTube, amazon, e books and so much more made the internet an even more amazing place to surf. Unlike Web 1.0, Web 2.0 could be accessed through many locations. There is no limit to where you can access the internet. Whether it be from your phone, your work place or your home, if you have internet service, then you can access the internet from any medium. Through the advancement of the Internet, the emergence of social media came about as well. Some social media outlets are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. While these outlets of social media are for entertainment, there are other forms of social media that can be used fro dating such as match. com, HER (a lesbian dating app), HIM the male version of her, Soul Swipe, Tinder and so much more. While there are professional social media sites for jobs. The most popular one is LinkedIn. There have been many collaborative projects through in internet. The more well known one is WIKI links. While its a great way to gain quick information, the information was not always trusted and reliable.
Of course we have reached the new dimension in the Web development Web 3.0. With the introduction of Web 3.0 we have these new virtual worlds and Apples Siri. The goal of Siri was to have a more semantic or organized web. Siri uses a voice in order to fond locations. They answer all questions in a non-emotional way. Siri does not have feelings but will answer any of your questions as best she can.

My question is Through all of the Web Phases, what do you think Web 4.0 would consist of? Is further advancement of the internet making our social live easier or harder?


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