Olivia Chak – Blog Post #4: After Looking at Campaign Ads

So lately we’ve been assigned our groups for our presentations. After looking at campaign ads for the presidential election, I can understand why some people may #FeelTheBern. I believe in universal health care coverage, generous minimum wages, an extension of the public education model through college and tight leashes on big banks, all of which are being advanced by the Democratic presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. I admire Sanders’ comparative purity and integrity, his inspiring rhetoric, his boldness, his idealism. In addition, I like how he has moved the party to the left and drawn greater attention to the problem of vast income inequality. But in my mind, I #FeelTheCrash. As I see the presidential campaign going on, I think the Democratic Party should focus more on a candidate that would win the presidential election, so we can #DumpTrump. I’m having trouble seeing Donald Trump as our new president. This is just my take on the presidential election. However, I’d like to know your views on our presidential election?


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