Plus Size Girls Take a WIN!! – Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod – Blog Post #5

Earlier on in the semester, I remember us discussing the controversy around the Lane Bryant ad /commercial that featured the plus size women being rejected by major networks. Networks such as ABC and NBC never provided reasoning as to why they rejected the ad but many people believed it was due to the models being curvy or plus sized. I mean there isn’t any other reason to reject it right?! They can’t blame it on nudity because all of the lingerie included in the ad cover up more parts of the body, than those you may see in Victoria’s Secret ads. Not only that but come on, its 2016….there’s been things way worse that’s been aired on major networks but an ad that promotes self-confidence, self-love, and beauty is shot down. It’s unfortunate that such a body-positive ad never got a chance to make it to these networks (take a look at the campaign by clicking HERE )

However, I stumbled across an article today titled “Joe Jonas chose plus-size model Ashley Graham to be his new video babe” and was quite happy to see this…..

All I could say was one word….YASSSSSSSSS!!!!! lol

Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod


3 thoughts on “Plus Size Girls Take a WIN!! – Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod – Blog Post #5

  1. Reading your comment and thinking about how these plus size model ads were not aired to major networks makes me think about America as a Country and our society of how being skinny and fit is the way society views beauty and perfection, and they frown down upon plus size people especially women. I find this to be very ironic because America is one of the most obese countries in the world. I just find that very humorous that we frown upon plus sized women while our country is suffering with obesity.


  2. I think that this company is doing a great job of representing the plus-size body type because not all women resemble Victoria Secret models. I also think that this was more of a promotion of body empowerment through real women because if you notice in Victoria secret ads, there’s that concept of the “male gaze” we learned in class in which VS models seductively display the lingerie on their bodies with their hair blowing in the wind and camera close-ups of the latest bra but, that’s not real at all.


    • I sooooo agree with what you said! Male gaze to me take on a whole new meaning. The usual woman for “male gaze” was skinny, had blonde hair and was everything these plus size women are not! Just because someone’s body is different doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take a stand. I’m loving it.


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