Hadeeqa Saman Blogpost #4 Is electing a Woman President Enough?

While working on our final presentation, I found a lot of different opinions around Hillary Clinton and feminism. Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights to be equal as mens in regards to social, political and economical reasons. There is a lot of support for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and it would be a win for the feminists if she won. On the other end there has been a lot of verbal attacks on Hillary Clinton for being a woman and playing the “Woman Card.” But why has she still have so much support when there are a lot of contradicting ideas in her campaign? I think she has a lot of appeal as woman, especially being a mother and wife. But is that the only important thing to her being a good leader of our nation? I think after doing some further research on her supporters will open up a lot more questions. What do you think? Will Hilary Clinton becoming president be a win for the feminist?


4 thoughts on “Hadeeqa Saman Blogpost #4 Is electing a Woman President Enough?

  1. I believe that if Hillary Clinton were to win president of the US it would definitely be a win for feminists groups. Feminists are strong supporters for Hillary Clinton and the fact that we have yet to have a female president in the US a lot of feminists would be extremely happy. For the non-supporters who don’t believe Hillary will be a good president; is this because she is a woman or is it because they believe her credentials just simply do not qualify for the job?


  2. Hilliary Clinton isn’t my choice for President. Just because she’s a woman it does not mean she has our best interest at heart. I also feel voting for someone based on categorical advancement is ignorant. Just because she’s for women doesn’t mean it is healthy nor a good choice for our country at large. Bernie Sanders has supported many female driven organizations and movements but with the lack of coverage no one really knows that. Hilliary is winning because she is Bill Clinton’s wife. She was one of the youngest and only females on the board of directors for Walmart. Though she did push for more women to be in managerial positions it also came with the unethical practices of walmart. Big businesses closing mom and pop shops. She tries to stay quiet about her ties to walmart but she cant hide from it. here is an article i found. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/20/us/politics/20walmart.html


    • I agree that Hillary’s support is because Bill Clinton is her husband and he’s one of the most prominent and likable presidents in history.Many people are only endorsing her because she’s a woman and I get that because there’s an African American president who is the first, we can succeed in having the first woman in office as attitudes have changed in this day and age. But, will her proposed policies help the US if she is elected? Lately, I’ve also come across a few articles that said she advocated a bill and stereotyped minorities. I don’t know how true it is but I think we should pay attention to not only what she is saying, but the other candidates too


    • Agreed, Hilary Clinton and electing Hilary Clinton goes against feminism. Your not viloting because she’s the better candidate, but only because she is a woman. Women are deserving of a fair vote just like trump or Bernie sanders. This is the media yet again using specific framing to spin a story. This time it’s not media though, it’s Hilary’s PR using framing to get the female vote. Hilary isn’t my choice either. Bernie 2016


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