Adrienne Johnson BLOG POST- Homer Live

What in the world did I Just watch? I don’t know whether to laugh or be afraid. It was extremely awkward and disturbing (the clip I watched), and I think it should have taken them 27 more years to figure out a better way to attempt this idea. It was innovative, I will give the creators that much, but that is where the compliments stop. The questions asked were terrible, and the responses given even worse. I understand that the people wanted to stay true to asking questions regarding his character, but when we take a live segment to ask about his pizza choice, car he drives, and his best job, I must say the segment was a complete waste. For me, this was like going to Disney World and walking by Mickey Mouse with his costume head off. It ruined the magic. It went from me knowing its a animated show that inserts current events into its story line, to me picturing a creepy dude sitting on a couch in a basement somewhere answering questions. I no longer felt like I was watching Homer. I’m not sure how I really feel about it until I watch it in its entirety but I know that the one clip I saw did not make me want to see the rest. *EDIT* I did in fact see another clip "Homer for President" and that clip was better where he discussed the election (in Homer fashion) and other topics. It was like watching a regular Simpsons episode, although I haven’t watched the show in years. I guess this was their attempt to follow Grease Live and the other scripted shows, plays that have made their way to television. Do you think more shows should begin to merge or blur the lines of the hyper-real and reality?


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