Internet Racism: Twitter, Azealia Banks & Old Navy – Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod – Blog Post #4

It’s no surprise that within the last week, musician Azealia Banks was DRAGGED on almost every social media platform known to man, as a result of her spewing homophobic and racial slurs to Zayn Malik and Skai Jackson via Twitter. This all started after Azealia tweeted “Damn Zayn be mood boarding the f**k out of me” suggesting that Zayn’s new music video was heavily influenced by her (although I remain impartial to the accusation, she does kind of have a point)…

Things went left once Zayn tweeted “No lies…I see you reaching but I don’t care” and “My @’s too good for you” which Azealia allegedly believed were subliminally directed towards her. She then took matters too far by referring to him as a “curry scented b*tch”, a “fa***t”, and even tweeting “Imma start calling you punjab you dirty b*tch”. Once Zayn tweeted her directly asking why she’s saying nasty things about him and that he wasn’t talking about her, a plethora of people tweeted Twitter asking that her account be deleted and suspended. Fourteen year old Disney star, Skai Jackson, then tweeted in Zayn’s defense which caused a spat between her and Azealia but that’s besides the point…

There is absolutely no denying that Azealia Banks was wrong for using such hate-filled and derogatory language towards another human being, but why was her Twitter account suspended? She was not the first Twitter user to tweet racial slurs (not saying that its okay), but her account was suspended. Just a week ago, I remember reading about the huge uproar that took place on Twitter due to Old Navy tweeting out a coupon code with an ad that featured an interracial family.

The amount of disturbing and derogatory tweets that Old Navy received following this was absolutely ridiculous (check out a few below).

So many people accused the company of promoting “white genocide”, praising slavery, and other ridiculous things, but how come their accounts weren’t suspended? The amount of racism that can be found on the Internet is definitely unpleasant and many always try to justify it using the First Amendment but that doesn’t make it right. I definitely don’t condone Azealia’s discriminatory tweets in any way, but I don’t think it’s fair to discipline one Twitter user and not the others who engage in the same thing. Let me know your thoughts on all of this madness down below…

Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod


4 thoughts on “Internet Racism: Twitter, Azealia Banks & Old Navy – Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod – Blog Post #4

  1. I agree as far as social media policing, people who say such terrible things have their accounts suspended but it still changes nothing because the internet is an atmosphere in which even more people display their ignorance and hate. As far as Azealia’s rant, I think she’s very hypocritical. Her explanation as white supremacy being the problem is where she hasn’t taken responsibility and it doesn’t help in her “concern” for her culture. In many instances such as this, she has even called people of her own culture racial slurs or criticized them, has admitted to skin bleaching because of her own self-hatred and to add to all of this, she attacks other people of color. She was completely wrong and could’ve went about her opinion in a non-racist and offensive way and I think because of her platform she got her account deleted but others displaying the same behavior should have the same consequences. Also, arguing with a 14-year old child makes her look even more ridiculous.


    • I certainly believe that Azelia Banks is misunderstood. Some say she takes the phrase unapologetically black to a whole other level in the wrong way but I’ve know people like her. Her comments should be seen socialogically and no so much as ignorance. She doesn’t apologize for what she feels. No of course racism isn’t ok, but Trump says racist things all the time on twitter. No one tweets for him to be deleted…. But Banks has to go? White privelige much?


  2. Great post. I read about this twitter exchange between Azealia Banks and Zayn Malik and then with Skai Jackson. Every thing I read about Azealia is negative with comments from her bashing some star for their actions and getting into heated exchanges with them. But I do feel that there’s a double-edged sword. Why is it that Trump and other people who say outlandish things about minorities and woman, but still have their accounts up and running, yet Azealias was suspended? So I agree with you completely on that. It raises the question of whose calling the shots. Azealia however is wrong in using racial slurs and her comments toward Skai were just flat out mean. The Old Navy ad and the comments that it got are heart breaking because we live in a society that isn’t racism free but in my opinion, less than past generations. Unfortunately with the internet its open a new door of communication and has laid the platform for people to express their personal feelings behind a screen without really dealing with any serious repercussions for their actions, had they said it in person. It’s an interesting topic when you think about freedom of speech and the internet, but I don’t think that freedom of speech means anything because there are those in charge of these accounts who can pretty much do what they want and suspend those they find offense. Overall, I’m going in circles trying to answer your questions. I believe that anyone who is directly trying to be malicious towards another culture, ethnicity, race and using another person as a representation of that culture should have their account suspended. In the end I understand both sides of the argument, but it’s hard to sympathize with someone who is so charged and at some points, ignorant, in her exchanges because all she’s doing is attacking. But there’s no excuse I feel for racial slurs and derogatory language. But this happens all the time and it should be applied to everyone.


  3. comment #6
    The entire thing is just ridiculous and crazy to me. I honestly think it is all for attention from Azelia’s part, but why go that far? It blows my mind that people actually take time out of their day to make racial comments. It’s disgusting. She should know better than that and everyone else that makes the same comments.
    Kenya Williams


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