Virtual Reality

This was on NPR this morning

Do you guys think that VR gaming and filmmaking is the next frontier? On your smartphone, check out some 360 videos (there are plenty on youtube) and What is your experience of it? Do you find it nauseating, disorienting, a bit scary, and/or exciting and fascinating, or all of that at once?


One thought on “Virtual Reality

  1. I have Google Cardboard and Gear VR headset. They’re interesting to use and there is a cool factor to it when you first use it, but it hasn’t had much more of an effect than that. I know i’m viewing a virtual world and it is fun, but the technology isn’t that advanced where all your senses are stimulated and you might mistake it for something real. I do admit there were some horror themed videos which I watched with the lights closed and headphones on that felt creepy.


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