The internet “Gift and a Curse” Naydeen Rodriguez Blog Post #3

In today’s discussion about the internet, We discussed whether we feel the internet is a gift or a curse. I believe it is both! It is a gift and a Curse. The world wide web is a matrix that bridges the gaps between information and nations. We are able to use it freely but it is also used to manipulate the masses. Unfortunately, there has been many misuses of the internet or apps that use the internet. One example: A 17 year girl live broadcasted her suicide on Periscope to “spread a message”. What was she trying to say .. I have no Idea. Another thing I thought about is how businesses manipulate the internet in the sense of the type of information we can access. For example: Facebook, Google, twitter all tailor their timelines for users to access. So my question is .. Do you truly believe that the internet practices democracy even with the manipulations?

I found an interesting article where they cover religion and how the internet plays apart of the practice.


4 thoughts on “The internet “Gift and a Curse” Naydeen Rodriguez Blog Post #3

  1. I absolutely agree! The internet is beneficial to us in so many ways, but with anything good there’s always some bad to follow. We live in an era where instead of people utilizing the Internet for positivity, people seek attention, validation through likes on a picture, how many followers they have, and so much more. People are quicker to pull out their phone to record a fight, rather than press four buttons 9,1,1,SEND. It’s truly sad. I haven’t gotten to read further into the girl who streamed her suicide on Periscope, but in my opinion I don’t feel thats spreading a message. One of the most recent examples that I can recall where the Internet was properly utilized to help spread a message and turn something from negative to positive was the video a transgender woman recorded of her getting assaulted on the 4 train in NYC for doing absolutely nothing wrong. If you guys haven’t seen it, check it out here:


  2. I do no believe that the internet practices democracy considering all of the lack of privacy that us a internet users experience. The internet is constantly being monitored and we do not have any sort of privacy. All of our searches can be chased back to us and in some cases might even be used against us in the court of law. When we think we are in our own private home using the internet, we really are not and we can even be spied on through our cameras built into our computers.


  3. I think that the internet is as you said, both a blessing and a curse! It provides us with instant gratification which is something that is big in this day and age. Everything you could possibly need is at the touch of your fingertips with is what makes us as efficient as we are. It helps us to spread awareness to the things going on in the world around us and connect with others. It lets us exercise our rights– to a limit of course, but still while being heard. The thing that makes it a curse is how we go about using it. Some people take advantage of the internet which is what makes it ‘a curse’, not the internet itself. As far as it being a democracy, I would say yes… Only because it gives everyone a voice and a chance to freely speak their minds. I’m pretty sure the government still has a heavy hand on the way the internet moves while still letting us feel like we’re in control.


  4. I agree that the internet is a gift and a curse. It is a gift because it connects us directly to the world by allowing easy access to information about what’s going on in other parts of the world. The internet is also a quick means of communication. However, the internet enables us to be lazy because the information is so easily accessible people don’t visit the libraries to read books or do researches. It also creates a virtual world using chatrooms or online video games of people who have common interests. People are behind computer screens and they can portray themselves however they please. This is problematic because there are many perverted and dishonest who pry on the innocent. They use the internet to gain access to credit/bank cards, locate people addresses, find a person’s location, steal personal information from computers etc. Even though the internet connects us to the rest of the world it creates a lot of issues and aid in violating privacy


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