Alina Intisar- Blog post #5

Yesterday, in class we spoke about net neutrality which means the right to communicate freely on the internet. I was wondering if it also included what people post on the internet. Because, there are many examples that I have heard of or encountered in real life which violates the right of people to express freely on the internet. For example, women are not allowed to post pictures of them breast feeding where as there are plenty pictures of porn stars roaming freely on the Facebook’s news-feed. It makes me wonder why mothers are not given the right to project their bodies where as other porn stars are. Facebook, when confronted with this issue claimed that it does not prohibits pictures of women breastfeeding as long as the nipple does not show. Basically, their policy is to take off any nudity from their website. But that sounds hypocritical because there are plenty examples of pictures that display nudity on Facebook. Does this mean that society only accepts women body when it is being objectified for the pleasure of men ?

Moreover, does freedom of speech also include hate speech. On Facebook, there are many times when we encounter a post or a picture full of hatred targeted toward a certain group of people. All of this is allowed because under the umbrella of freedom of speech, an individual has the right to say whatever he or she desires. But, do you guys think there should be some limitations on hate speech or should not because we are all given the right to speak freely by the First Amendment?


5 thoughts on “Alina Intisar- Blog post #5

  1. I’ve never though of it that way, (photos of mom’s breastfeeding vs porn stars) and I believe you’re absolutely right and it isn’t fair at all. I can’t help but think about the #FreetheNipple movement and obvious reasons such as those that you mentioned above that motivated the women involved to stand against such censorship. Photos of women breastfeeding symbolize nurture, love and motherhood and it’s sad that it causes such an uproar even though the nipple isn’t explicitly shown during the breastfeeding process.


  2. That’s an extremely interesting take on the subject of nudity of social platforms. It is true that there are many examples of nudity and the exploitation of the woman body for the pleasure of others that are splattered all over the Internet. The thought that this is an executable thing to be seen on a daily bass however the natural process of breast-feeding is something to be ashamed of and hidden away from the eyes of society. I have read many articles pro and against the allowance of public breast-feeding and the allowance of it in private establishments. It seems to me that most of the arguments center on thoughts of morality and being conservative. I have also seen some articles saying that it leads to impure thoughts about something so natural and its not something to be publicly displayed.


  3. I think there are already some limitations on hate speech even though we are all given the right to speak freely by the First Amendment. Just because we have the right to speak freely, it doesn’t mean we can just say whatever we want to say. There are consequences to what we say and that’s why I think there are already limitations. For example, you can’t speak freely or anything crazy in front of a cop and nor can you do that in front of a judge. In my opinion, freedom is not justified.


  4. There are limitations on hate speech, but not enough. I think that the division in this country has grown and it has caused hate speech to increase and become more vile. Yes, everyone should have their freedom of speech but not when it includes hurling racial slurs or insults at others. Some of the consequences I have seen online are people finding the information of people using hate speech to then contact their employers to get them fired.


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