Net Neutrality

For our next class, let’s have a look at Net Neutrality. Here are some interesting-looking articles I’ve come across. Feel free to do your own research. See you Weds!

5 Things To Know: Net Neutrality Is Back In Court (NPR, Dec 4, 2015)

Ad Blocking And The Free Web — Time To Educate And Evolve (Media Post, May 2, 2016)

Net Neutrality vs. Net Reality (Wall St Journal – Feb 23, 2016)

Senate Panel Slams ‘Net Neutrality’ Ruling (WSJ – Feb 29, 2016)
(is it just me, or does Ron Johnson look a lot like an older (not quite as handsome) Benedict Cumberbatch?)

How Net-Neutrality Impacts Consumers and Businesses (Bloomberg – April 15, 2016)

White House threatens veto of GOP’s anti-net neutrality bill (Ars Technica – April 13, 2016)

Netflix’s Lesson in Net Neutrality Karma (WSJ Opinion – April 1, 2015)

The net neutrality fight is now about data collection (The Verge – Feb 16, 2016)

Net neutrality turns 1: Here’s everything you need to know (FAQ) (CNET – Feb 25, 2016)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Ep 5, Net Neutrality (HBO – June 1, 2014)



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