“Kylie Jenner’s Evolution Into a Black Woman” – Blog #2 – Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod

I came across a picture of Kylie Jenner from the Met Gala tonight, and automatically thought of an article I came across a few weeks ago. This article was titled “Hide Ya Melanin: Kylie Jenner’s Evolution Into a Black Woman” ( http://bossip.com/1283270/hide-ya-melanin-kylie-jenners-evolution-into-a-black-woman/ ) and I couldn’t help but share it and hear some of my classmates’ input. There’s always a constant issue of people accusing others of “trying to be black” or “trying to be white” and I felt that this slideshow was amazing being that I’m personally not a fan or the Kardashian clan and there’s been a few times when Kylie has made ignorant statements. As I saw her pictures from tonight, I thought about the pictures from the article that literally showed the transformation in her facial features from the lip enhancements, fillers and etc. Not only in her face but her body as well.

What are some of your thoughts on this new “Kylie” and do you agree/disagree with the article?

Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod


3 thoughts on ““Kylie Jenner’s Evolution Into a Black Woman” – Blog #2 – Xiarra-Diamond Nimrod

  1. I would have to agree with the article. Cultural appropriation is real and she has become the major hijacker in recent months. She has done things to enhance her look that resemble features of a Black person, and when she does these things it is applauded and labeled innovative, stylish and true signs of beauty. Yet, these are the same natural features that are criticized and devalued when discussing Black women. So the article instantly made me think of Paul Mooney and his statement of “The Black Man in America is the most copied man on this planet, Everybody wants to be a n*gga, but Nobody wants to be a n*gga.” This is the truth, it has been proven. Kylie is praised and idolized for her unique and newly found exotic look, but we have been placed on display in freak shows(Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman aka Hottentot Venus) for the same exact look and still struggle today to be viewed as beautiful and admired for our culture that has clearly influenced many others.


  2. I disagree with this article . In fact I don’t think of Kylie’s actions as her trying to be black she’s simply doing what is trendy for the moment. By them saying her lip and body enhancement is an act of blackness is very ridiculous. Especially since many other “white ” individuals were born with those specific features. So I wouldn’t say that those features is a form of “blackness” . As for Kylie I do not think it is an evolution into a black woman. I think it’s more of a self expression. Therefore I find this article a bit ridiculous .


  3. I agree with this article. There are many instances where we see Kylie Jenner impersonating black culture and appropriating it. She even did a photo shoot with a Black face. I think the problem is not that she is expressing herself, the problem is that she is appreciated for something she stole from another culture. Not only that, people of that culture were actually insulted for have the same physical features which she gets praises for.


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