Amy Goodman on AJ+: How the Media Ruins Elections – Stephany Acevedo

Amy Goodman examples how media has influenced the elections this year. I find it interesting because in class we talked about what is broadcast and what is not in the media. I’m constantly hearing about one candidate over the other, but if it wasn’t for my disagreements for the only two candidates that are always getting coverage, I wouldn’t have known who to vote for.

My question is : Is media fair?


2 thoughts on “Amy Goodman on AJ+: How the Media Ruins Elections – Stephany Acevedo

  1. I agree with Amy Goodman. I had the opportunity to meet Amy last year and it was an experience I will not forget. When it comes to media I do believe it has become very hard for anyone to thrive in politics if they do not have the support or funds for coverage. I find it amazing that Bernie Sanders is able to break through and make a statement. With so much static due to our attention directed to social media it is difficult to get the information we need. I love when she said ” we need a media thats a 4th estate not for the state”. I believe we all deserve to have all sides of a story put in front of us in order to make educated decisions. This is why I love democracy now! They strive to be that 4th estate or objective news that we need in today’s society.


  2. I would say that the media supports whoever have the funds. I do not believe that the media is fair at all. Because if the funds isn’t there then the media won’t support it . For example Donald trump is always in the media because he can afford to be. I believe that the media should support and express everyone’s story


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