Olivia Chak – “Becky With The Good Hair”

In my opinion, "Becky With The Good Hair" goes beyond cheating speculations and is far more vague to say it only is directed at her husband. That statement is for women worldwide that seem not to be good enough for their significant other and in this article it’s historical significance. It simply means a lacking that is only seen in the eye of the person you need that certain assurance from. No one is perfect and if Beyonce isn’t good enough well….

What is your opinion on this media piece?



4 thoughts on “Olivia Chak – “Becky With The Good Hair”

  1. That is an interesting interpretation. Words aren’t enough when it comes to Lemonade. Everything in the album along with the visuals are pulps squeezed into the big cup of Lemonade which I feel the message is … Life is hard. Life isn’t Perfect. Look at the things that work against us. As women. As a society. When life throws lemons at you, TAKE THAT SHIT and make LEMONADE. As for Bencky with the good hair.. I agree with you 100 percent. Why do you feel people are so invested in just the rumors of cheating and not with the message of the whole project.


  2. I agree with the author’s analysis that references to “Becky with the good hair” are more than just a plug for Jay-Z’s mistress. They have historical and cultural significance that calls back into the public conversation the legacy of slavery that still tells Black women that they must achieve White beauty and that White beauty is better. This, however, was lost on many fans. The public response of that particular lyric for many Beyonce fans has been to attack celebrities that they suspect are Becky, including but not limited to Rachel Roy, Rachel Ray and Rita Ora. Check out the article below to see the “firestorm of criticism” specifically on Rachel Roy’s Instagram page. The attack of the Beckys is something that I found very disturbing. In our culture, when there are accusations of infidelity, the inclination is to pit the two women against each other in a cat fight for their man. It is the same thing that happened with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

    Why are people attacking Roy instead of Jay-Z, who is the cheater and the real culprit? While fans are twitter bombing Roy’s page and posting comments on her Instagram, I’ve hardly seen any coverage of any hate towards Jay Z. At most, I’ve seen funny memes about Jay-Z having “100 problems”, referring to his song 99 Problems. But there is not the same level of scrutiny of Jay-Z. For me, this is very problematic. While Jay-Z’s cheating is the butt of a joke, Rachel Roy is being brutally attacked. It’s as if Jay-Z was already forgiven at the scene of the crime and we went straight to the next victim. He can wipe his hands clean while Roy will be forever remembered as the “other woman” and the “homewrecker.” This to me is just another way to tear women down and paint them as malicious, sexually inappropriate and thieving.

    I think the public response to Rachel Roy completely undermines the message of Lemonade. I don’t believe Beyonce’s reference to the “good hair” is a way of attacking her husband’s mistress so much as a challenge of standards of beauty by which some women are considered more desirable than others and the ways that she has felt let down both in her marriage and by society. The language in Beyonce’s music has always been feminist and attacking women encourages girl-hate, something that I don’t think the singer would ever advocate for. I think the media storm around the drop of the album has encouraged a lot of misdirected hate. Lemonade was a brutally honest inside look at Beyonce’s views on marriage, womanhood and race, and I think considering these topics, I wouldn’t expect it to be all happy go lucky and positive. But I think it is because Beyonce confronts these issues and still stands in her power, that we can take something positive from it.

    Coverage of Rachel Roy:

    Coverage of Jay Z:


  3. I’ve been seeing so many mixed reviews about Lemonade but I definitely agree with your interpretation on it. So many people look at Beyonce as if she’s not human and doesn’t have the same experiences as the rest of us just because of how popular she is. She’s used her visuals and music numerous times to help show “I’m human, I have feelings, and I am not perfect but I will continue to make the best of it”. Check out two of the Lemonade interpretations that I found to be the most interesting below:




  4. This is pretty interesting. Its terrible to think that so many Caucasian women are taking this phrase to be derogatory or racist. There are so many meems about Caucasian people retaliating about the quote ” Becky with the good hair”. Its pretty disturbing because Beyonce could just be alluding to an African American woman with good hair. As we all should know Beyonce is pro black and she is a feminist so who’s to say that “Becky with the good hair” is a white woman? Maybe shes a black girl. Then there’s the whole statement about having good hair. More recently African American women have been more accepting of their bold and natural curls. Its pretty astonishing to see how African American women have found the beauty in their blackness. This group of women have been hiding behind the the beauty of “whiteness” instead of embracing who they actually are. To go back to Beyonces “Formation” she said she likes her “babys hair with baby hairs and afros”. Maybe thats her definition of what good hair is. Maybe it has nothing to do with someone of the opposite race, it has to do with a beautiful black woman with great hair. As for “Lemonade” as a whole, great marketing and propaganda technique. It was a great way for the Carter’s to air an album on their personal streaming site. Plus who doesn’t love a little scandal? Even if its made up.


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